City tour around Minsk

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During the tour you will dive into the centuries-old history of Minsk. You will learn when Minsk was mentioned in the chronicles for the first time, how it was founded and revived after numerous wars and fires.

The route goes along the main avenues and squares of the city. You will see a modern building of the railway station on Station Square, the building of the House of Government on Independence Square, hear the legend of the construction of the Red Church. The excursion will go through the biggest avenue of the city where the width of the street is two times as big as the height of the surrounding buildings and that is a vivid example of Stalinist empire style.

On the territory of the former Minsk defence settlement situated at the confluence of two rivers and surrounded initially by a wooden rampart you will hear the annalistic history of the city, how the medieval Minsk lived and looked like. On Freedom Square you will get acquainted with the Town Hall, Gostiny Dvor, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the shopping arcade, the Holy Spirit Church. The history of the city and its great men will miraculously come to life in the story of the guide while walking around the Trinity suburb where the life of the city was in full swing in the 19th century. Today it attracts tourists with museums, souvenir shops, cozy cafes and much more.

Then you can get acquainted with Victory Square and in the end you will see the building of the National Library in the from of a diamond symbolizing the human knowledge.

During this short time we will help you to learn about, to feel and to fall in love with the hospitable capital of the Republic of Belarus – Minsk Hero City.

Duration: 3:30 ч., Destination: 60 км.

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