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Museum of national crafts Dudutki

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Dudutki is one of the most popular museums in Belarus. This is an excursion where you will get acquainted with the culture, lifestyle, cuisine and rich traditions of the Belarusian nation.

In Dudutki you will find the combination of the past and present, measured life of the old gentry manor of the XIX century and the comfort of a modern tourist centre. Here you will learn about the lifestyle of the gentry manor, the work of masters recreating the old technology, culinary heritage of our ancestors, the charming nature of the Minsk region, amazing wildlife. You can touch, taste and feel all the exhibits.

During the tour you will learn the history and construction secrets of the only functioning windmill in Belarus and try the treat from the miller.

A potter, a blacksmith and other craftsmen will share the secrets of their skills and will conduct real workshops and then you will be able to take their place for some time.

You can enjoy fresh homemade bread with butter and herbal tea in the bakery, honey from the beekeeper, at the brewery you can try the gentry moonshine and traditional snack, and of course the famous Belarusian lard with cabbage!

You can buy straw and flax souvenirs as well as many others in the ethnographic gallery with an exhibition of objects of XVIII-XX centuries.

After that you could enjoy the visit to the tavern in “country’’ style, attend the exhibition of vintage cars from the museum of retro cars. Behind the crafts workshops you can find a zoo and a barnyard where except for the cows, geese and chickens there are boars, ostriches and even American deer.

In order to plunge deeper into the atmosphere of a gentry manor one should have a ride on a carriage.

Here you can buy good gifts and make great photos.

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